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17 March
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hi i suck at life, you probablly wont like me, but be my friend anyway
2pac, a tribe called quest, amanda woodward, american nightmare, ampere, an albatross, andrew wk., anterrabae, aqua teen hunger force, arab on radar, as the sun sets, at the drive in, auletta, backstabbers inc., bane, ben kweller, big tymers, black sabbath, blueberry tea, bob marley, bodiesinthegearsoftheapparatus, boston, boston bruins, botch, brian rolston, bridges have burned, bucket full of teeth, building on fire, bury your dead, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, clancy 6, converge, crestfallen, dane cook, daughters, de la soul, deadwater drowning, deftones, devil may cry, dinosaurs, discovery channel, dreamcast, encyclopedia of american traitors, eric clapton, everytime i die, examination of the..., excite bike, falafel, family guy, game cube, get fucked, gibson, girls, give up the ghost, grindcore, guitar, guns 'n roses, guns up!, hardcore, hassan i sabbah, hockey, home improvement, hopesfall, hot cross, in remembrance, joshua fit for battle, jud jud, kyikm, love like electrocution, lovelostbutnotforgotten, lynyrd skynyrd, mario kart, marshall, marty lapointe, math class, meandhimcallitus, metroid, mike nelson, minor threat, montcalm, mr. blonde, mst3k, music, n.e.r.d., neil perry, nes, neverfall, new england patriots, notorius b.i.g., on broken wings, orchid, outkast, p.j. stock, pete and pete, pg 99, pringles, ps2, quentin tarantino, rainer maria, randy rhoads, reach the sky, rearview, refused, reservoir dogs, resident evil, scar face, shows, small brown bike, snes, socom ii, some girls, stegosaurs, stop it!!, super mario bros., taken by force, the acacia strain, the automata, the beatles, the blood brothers, the census, the claw, the dedication, the dillinger escape plan, the kodan armada, the locust, the now, the pharcyde, the red chord, the red green show, the river bottom, thenumber12lookslikeyou, theplottoblowuptheeiffeltower, there were wires, this day forward, thursday, transistor transistor, tree, umbrella, usurp synapse, van halen, vegetarianism, vinyl, with honor, wolves, xbox, xcasketmatchx, xstabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoffx, xvincentpricesorphanpowereddeathmachinex, xvpopdmx